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SAKOM ( Health Disaster Coordination Center )

Güncelleme Tarihi: 17/01/2019


It was deemed necessary to establish a crisis center within the body of the Ministry of Health in accordance with the relevant laws and legislations so as to ensure the operation of Crisis Center and Crisis Desks properly in line with the plans, uninterrupted and timely. It was also regarded necessary to respond to crisis and disasters, with other institutions and organizations within coordination and communication in the provision of health services.

During the establishment of SAKOM (Health Disaster Coordination Center), similar structures and systems which intervene the emergency cases or create and manage crisis center were also analyzed.

SAKOM (Health Disaster Coordination Center) was establised on October 15, 2009 in the Ministry of Health, E Block pursuant to the Approval of HE Prof. Dr.  Recep Akdağ  Minister of Health. 

SAKOM was first operated by a project team of Emergency Health Services Department under the Directorate General for Primary Health Care Services as previously called on the establishment date of SAKOM.